Inspirations for future work

My art interests are constantly developing, but my inspirations remain pretty constant.  I found this fall particularly vivid and the colors magnificent; I just couldn't get enough of them.

During late October, I was running around with my new digital camera in hand, snapping up moments like crazy, interrupting whatever I was doing when the sun drenched a specimen.

You had to pay close attention and look in all directions.

This branch shimmered like GOLD in the breezes.   Shortly after the photo was taken, a cloud drifted by and the light went out.  

I had pretty much dismissed any more shots one day when this happened.

The scene was gone in a flash.  The sun suddenly emerged after a day of cloudiness, and it created an orange glow that lasted for literally a minute.  I got it!!!

There will be a LOT to study from these examples.  I think it will give me plenty to do this winter,
....which arrived shortly after I took these shots.